Natal is located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. It’s current population is just above 885,000.

We have a vibrant legal community here, with seven law schools and an estimated total of 4,000 students and more than 10,000 lawyers. As the state’s capital, Natal is also the headquarter of the Rio Grande do Norte Supreme Court and the Federal Courthouse, besides many law firms and the office of the Chief Prosecutor.

The tech community is no less vibrant. Both private and public universities receive every year hundreds of new students interested in earning a degree in computer science, software engineering, etc. Recently the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte opened its institute of technology (Metropole Digital Institute), a three-floor modern building dedicated to research and advanced courses as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. It’s also used as a start-up incubator (Inova program).

The caseload in Brazilian courts is impressive! According to the National Council for Judicial Administration, the total number of cases is above 100 million and just with the help of technology we will be able to effectively deal with this number.

As part of the Legal Hackers movement, the chapter in Natal congregates people from diverse background in order to debate and implement solutions to issues which are in the intersection of Law and Technology.

“Legal Hackers is a global movement of lawyers, policymakers, technologists, and academics who explore and develop creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology. Through local meetups, hackathons, and workshops, Legal Hackers spot issues and opportunities where technology can improve and inform the practice of law and where law, legal practice, and policy can adapt to rapidly changing technology.”

Source: LegalHackers.org

Natal is the home of the first chapter of Legal Hackers in Brazil.

Map of South America. Natal, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil (city location pinned in red)

Metropole Digital Institute, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

To get in touch with the local chapter of Legal Hackers, please send an email to: natal.legalhackers@gmail.com.

For more information in English about Legal Hackers, please visit: https://legalhackers.org/